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season 4

Axon and Donner search for three missing OSIR operatives who disappeared while investigating a wildman sighting. A recording of the team's investigation shows that the operatives Brett Watterson, Gail Mitchell and Gary Watson stumbled across human remains and encountered Samuel Thompson, a mean-looking, knife-wielding wildman who repeatedly muttered the word "Wittako." Thompson warned the group to leave, but they didn't listen.

Donner and Axon go out into the forest in search of the operatives. After discovering the gruesome remains of Gary Watson bearing human teeth marks, a terrified Gail comes running towards them, covered in blood. She explains that at Thompson's campsite tension between the team members escalated and Brett turned on the other two í¹ƒí³´abbing Gary and Thompson. Back at the campsite, they discover Brett covered in blood with a gun in his hand standing over the partly-eaten body of Samuel Thompson. Donner and Axon restrain him and take him back to the mobile lab.

Donner continues to examine the tape of Thompson and realizes that the word "Wittako" is actually the word - "Wendigo" - a cannibal spirit that haunts the Canadian north. If a Wendigo bites someone, the spirit will move into that person. Gail's testimony indicates that Thompson was a Wendigo, and that he bit Brett. Now, believing that he possesses the Wendigo spirit, Brett begs Donner to kill him before he hurts someone else. When Donner resists, Brett convinces Gail to free him so he can finish things off himself. While Gail complies, Axon walks into the room and grabs Brett, who bites him. Gail tranquilizes Axon and she and Brett carry him into the woods. Brett tells Gail that he knows he must die, but when he does, the Wendigo spirit will pass on to Axon who must also be killed.

Many lives are now in danger. Only one person knows what really happened at Thompson's campsite, but will the truth be revealed before the Wendigo spirit consumes them all?